Thursday, July 8, 2010

Donk of the day

Nothing gets me as excited as seeing a rare Donk rolling down the 405 in sunny So Cal.
9 times out of 10 they are busted and fall short of Grand Dunks that rule the South.
Toady we start with the guy that used the same words to his body shop guy as Lando said to Han "a little higher"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Awesome dude James Craig

Here are a few photos of my favorite travel buddy MR CRAIG.
He is one of the only people daring enough to room with me and not afraid to do his drunken Yoga at 2.45 am and tell me how in shape he is.
James is down to skate anything and has been putting it down for years.
After a few brutal arm injuries James is back on the streets and ripping harder than ever.
If you are ever up in Brea and need a deck go to Liberty Board Shop.
Who knows you may be able to catch a game of skate with James in the parking lot.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Old Dude

Skateboarding is not like riding a bike.
As I have gotten older I have lost almost all my ability to ride these crazy boards.
I actually get worse by the second.
Somedays I feel ok but most of the time a regular manual just does not work.
I have so much fun when I skate now, sometimes it feels like the first time (especially if I am hungover)
I even like taking a hard slam(which happens every session) so I can dust myself off and try to make what I was trying.
I have delusions of grandeur as I am always around the worlds best skateboarding and skaters and it gets me so hyped to try shit it's funny.
My new motto is relax you old fuck.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trim Jungle

Look at the smile on the little guys face!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rap Snaps

A few years ago I got to meet Ghostface for the Wu-Tang and talk to him for a while about music skateboarding and how to dress like a pimp.
He was super cool and pumped on the Wu-Weiss Tattoo and skaters always backing the Wu. When we finished talking I noticed my friend Pete Thompson shooting photos at the party and asked him to snap a flick.
It came out great we look like brothers.

A few years alater I saw Slim Thug at the lobby of my hotel but I was shitfaced and barely on the verge at speech but I had to get a photo.
I did not have a camera and asked Gailea if he would shoot it on his camera phone.
I rolled up asked Slim if we could shoot a flick and went back to our drinks to check it.
I was wasted but it was to blurry so I asked someone else we were with to try again.I marched back over and asked Slim again.
After seeing that next photo did not work out I must have tried the same photo tens times on peoples cell phones with Slim Thug looking at me like get this crazy ass lanky white dude away from me.
Finally I got a real camera and got the photo that was not blurry but my face was.
He was like"this fools loves Coors Light"
When I woke up I saw the photo and I look like such an asshole it was perfect.
My favorite part is that I am cross eyed double fisting the Silver Bullet.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What is worse?

What is worse?
other people blowing horrible farts when you are stuck in an elevator or Lady Gaga?
Tough call if you ask me

Can Kanye ever shut up?

Kanye West is a dick straight out.
This kid Taylor is having a cool moment and chipmunk face has to come out and be the final say on what is Real at the MTV awards.
Relax you billionaire, after all it is MTV and they help pay for the balls in your mouth.