Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rap Snaps

A few years ago I got to meet Ghostface for the Wu-Tang and talk to him for a while about music skateboarding and how to dress like a pimp.
He was super cool and pumped on the Wu-Weiss Tattoo and skaters always backing the Wu. When we finished talking I noticed my friend Pete Thompson shooting photos at the party and asked him to snap a flick.
It came out great we look like brothers.

A few years alater I saw Slim Thug at the lobby of my hotel but I was shitfaced and barely on the verge at speech but I had to get a photo.
I did not have a camera and asked Gailea if he would shoot it on his camera phone.
I rolled up asked Slim if we could shoot a flick and went back to our drinks to check it.
I was wasted but it was to blurry so I asked someone else we were with to try again.I marched back over and asked Slim again.
After seeing that next photo did not work out I must have tried the same photo tens times on peoples cell phones with Slim Thug looking at me like get this crazy ass lanky white dude away from me.
Finally I got a real camera and got the photo that was not blurry but my face was.
He was like"this fools loves Coors Light"
When I woke up I saw the photo and I look like such an asshole it was perfect.
My favorite part is that I am cross eyed double fisting the Silver Bullet.

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