Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gi Joke?

Sure when I was a kid I loved GI JOE so when I heard they were making the film there was nothing stopping me from seeing the movie.
A few warning signs that could have saved me a few hours
-Those hyper suits they were jumping around in the trailer
- Any Wayans Brother other than Damon as a lead role
-That guy that plays the lead of Gi Joe(he is all shit summer blockbuesters)
So anyway the movie was filled with non stop over the top special affects that never slow down for a second and left any hope of a good character build or story down the toilet.
It sucks that they could have not embraced the characters a little more and went the opposite direction and built some guts to this flick.
It is obvious that the kids will love the explosions and excitment but the only remotly scary thing in the movie was Snake Eyes and what he was wearing.
He looked like a creepy bondage dude.
They should have named him Snake Eye
Anyways if you like Gi Joe go see for yourself but I am giving this a real american zero

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