Monday, September 14, 2009

Coors Light VS Corona Light

This has been a raging debate for the last year or so.
When I first came to California 100 years ago I thought the US beer of choice was Budweiser.
I would drink it every chance I got.
As I got older and the hangovers got worse I noticed that they were borderline unbearable.
One night I went to the store and for some reason got a twelve of Coors Light.I drank them all and when I woke up there was little or no hangover at all.A new era had begun,I told everyone my hangover theory and converted many Bud drinkers so that Coors Light became the new beer of choice and is still the popular choice for me and my senior citizen friends to this day.
About a year ago I picked up a 12 of Corona Light inspired my my man James Craig's unquenchable thirst for Corona.
Since then it has been a back in fourth process.
Coors Light is cheaper at 14.99 a 20 of Bottles and has the Ice cold taste straight from the rookies but Corona Light has a clear golden look that makes you say man this beer actually looks healthy,the only downfall is the $28.99 for 24 price tag.
Either way when you want to pound some beers and save yourself a brutal hangover go for one of these delicious light beers.
And if your friends say you are a pussy for drinking light beer tell them to go fuck themselves.

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